9 de juliol de 2015


Atenció a la cançó de final de curs d'anglès extraescolar a La Salle, no té desperdici; tampoc la mímica que acompanya a la lletra de la cançó: absolutament genial!


Let's go to the zoo:
Once upon a time there was a zoo with many, many, many, many animals.
Do you want to go to the zoo?

Let’s go to the zoo, let's go to the zoo,
to see a lot of animals,
let’s go to the zoo.
There’s a… tiger, tiger, tiger
and a monkey and a spider,
there’s a very ugly snake,
and a lion in his cave.
There’s a hippo, hippo, hippo
and a cocodrile…
there’s a very tall giraffe
with a very big smile.

And that's all, and that's all, and that's all!
Bye bye mummy! Bye bye daddy! Bye bye family!
I love you!

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